Broadway Studio is a Dorset-based photographic agency. Established since 1975, Broadway is home to local photographers Wendy Armstrong & David Sherwill.

We specialise in weddings, business & industrial shoots, photo restoration & location-based portraiture as well as many other types of photography.View examples of our work within the Galleries section.

If you would like to find out more about our pricing and availability, please call us on 0845 094 9948 or email us with your questions.

Looking for a unique and individual gift idea ?

Their story so far

If you are looking for a unique, modern, individual gift idea what could be nicer than giving a photo to that special someone portraying ‘Their story so far…’? This ultimate lifestyle portrait commemorates their landmark moments through the years.

All you have to do is grab their photo album or that old tin of family photos and holiday snaps and let Broadway Studio do the rest! We will create a unique and timeless pictorial display
(A4 framed print for just £45 + P&P). 
To find out more CLICK HERE or call Wendy on 0845 094 9948.

Promoting your business?

If you are looking to promote your business online, in corporate brochures or in the realms of the media and PR, dynamic group images, individual business portraits or shots which show off your premises or your products to their very best, can help you to stay one step ahead or your competitors. Contact us for more details about our commercial, industrial and business services.

Photo Restoration

Do you have any old, faded, ripped or torn family photos that have seen better days? Maybe an important part of your family history? If so, we can recreate them using digital Photo Restoration, without damaging your original! We re-print at the same size, as good as new. We can even enlarge the image or print on canvas (depending on the quality of the original)!

Photo restoration work ranges from £30 up wards, dependng on the amount of recreation work required and on the size of the reprinted image. Call for a quotation or email us.


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Unique and perfect gift idea!